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Amazon’s Alexa opens up a new world of flexibility to businesses and allows companies to write custom modules that customers can use to control devices, hardware, software and so much more.

You may have an existing piece of software or hardware that you want to integrate Alexa into, or you are thinking about building a piece of software or hardware and building and integrating Alexa.

Alexa Skills Agency

Firstly, what is Alexa? And what are Alexa Skills? It’s a way of writing code to manage and customise the responses that Alexa provides. Brands can use them for highly powerful user interactions.

As an Alexa Skills Agency we can integrate your product fully into Amazon Alexa. As an Alex Skills Agency we can provide solutions and creative ideas to integrate your product or idea into Alexa in a unique way that customers will remember.

A few examples would include:

Custom Voice Commands

Control Smart Home

Provide Flash Alerts

Check Order Statuses

Fitness Software or Hardware

Integration Into Software

Q&A or FAQ’s

Integration Into Hardware

Integration into Web-API’s

On-Demand Apps

Projects that we’ve worked on:

Amazon Alexa Skill Development Company

Integration of a Web-API into a order tracking system

Hardware Integration into a full lighting system

An integration into a financial system providing real-time finance data

Alexa Skills Development Services

As an agency, using Alexa Skills Development Services, we are able to fully integrate into any type of software or hardware – this means the possibilities are endless.

From integrating household items to fully integrating with web-services. With mass adoption voice devices should not be overlooked and the leading brands are already integrating with many of the voice devices.

Alexa allows you to customise responses with display cards, flash briefings, videos and music to name just a few.

Alexa can also easily integrate into web, app and marketing solutions so you can have an all in one 360 solution that provides web, app and voice.

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