Without a doubt Facebook is the most popular platform to market on right now, but there are certain unspoken rules and sometimes it’s just easier getting an Facebook Advertising Agency in London to manage it. Like us.


Most people don’t appreciate when you  try  and “sell” on social – Social is  all about brand  awareness and keeping your customer in the loop. So when they need  your service. You are there.

There’s  no “Golden Ticket” with Facebook, it’s testing  and  testing ads until you get results. Recently a campaign we ran yielded a CTR of 1.5% – this is extremely high considering the guidelines suggest 0.5-1.5%.


Why Facebook?

Put simply they have the biggest database of personal information. You can target people based on jobs, demographics and even when they are going to do in the future. If you use a Facebook Advertising Agency you are harnessing the knowledge and the deep understanding of past campaigns – so you do not have to spend thousands working out what ad sets are likely to work.

When carried out correctly Facebook Advertisements will work with any business – it’s just about finding the right combination.

The most valuable features are re-marketing and dynamic Facebook adverts. Dynamic Facebook adverts allow you to attach an event to a page, for example if your customers clicked on a specific product, we can re-market that to them.


Whats the process?


  • Setup Ad Spend
    We focus on ROI for your spend
  • Find An Audience
    We find the right audience
  • Setup Pixel & Remarketing
    We find and use customers that have already used your site
  • Create Creatives
    We find and use customers that have already used your site
  • Agree KPIs
    We agree the KPI’s and the project outcome


Facebook is a platform that requires a lot of attention and requires a completely different approach to any other platform.

Our Facebook Ads stand out and engage with our user audience. We create content that is relevant to the target market and we spend a lot of time of technical analysis.

Audience Checking
Ensuring the correct audience has been found
A/B Test
Test Landing Pages and use the most successful page
ROI Checking
We make sure that the ROI justifies the cost

Unlike Other Facebook Ad Agencies, We Don’t Guess

You would be surprised how many agencies do not look at previous data before launching a campaign. We look at your customers, your Google Analytics and any other marketing information you may have.

Some of the tools we use include:


Agency Analytics

Facebook Audience Insights

Google Analytic

Google Adwords

Marketing Data (For Re-Marketing)

Previous Campaigns

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