It can be daunting for newcomers to digital marketing, especially when they own the business – this can be especially true for starters. There are a lot of rules, guidelines and best practices, and all of these things can directly impact the performance of your website. We’ve put together a quick Beginners Guide To SEO.

Making the wrong choice can cause traffic or revenue drops, which, as a business owner, will never be appreciated. How do you avoid these problems?

Well, thankfully for the newcomers, there are a whole load of SEO Resources where experts share advice, tips and strategies that you can build into your own online business space.

Below, you can find a few examples of the SEO industry’s most popular beginners’ resources.


Moz’s SEO beginner’s guide is one of the most shared resources among new SEOs.

For those who don’t know, Moz is the premier resource for SEOs, especially for those who are at the beginning of their careers.

Though it is often not a suitable learning tool for more advanced, technical SEOs, it does offer a lot of learning options for people with limited experience, including business owners who want to work well with an SEO agency.

The guide already linked to is truly an excellent read, while Moz’s trademark Whiteboard Fridays – hosted by founder Rand Fishkin and others – provides weekly, up-to-date insights into the world of search.



Kissmetrics are a less well-known SEO resource, who also offer an extensive and comprehensive Beginners Guide To SEO.

As well as offering this guide – which covers almost everything a first-time SEO-er might need – Kissmetrics also offer other guides that focus on more specific tools or strategies you are likely to encounter as a business owner or manager entering the world of search engine marketing.



The old adage, ‘practice makes perfect’ is one that is often forgotten. The truth is though that SEO, like any other discipline, can be learned through experience.

The more you work with experts in this industry, the more you’ll learn about it. If you work with SEO agencies, for example, your knowledge will improve.

This does not mean that you will want to become a day-to-day practitioner, but it does mean that you can speak the same language as one. As a business owner, this is vital.

The more you practice, the less you will need SEO resources. In the beginning, though, they are a great place to start. To ensure that you and your SEO agency work together as well as possible, make sure you keep researching.

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