Calibre has been lucky enough to win a contract with The Student Room for its sister site Marked By Teachers.

The contract involves a number of elements including re-auditing the existing code and re-factoring part of the code to ensure it’s in-line with Magento’s latest guidelines.

Jason Parker, Managing Director of Calibre has previously worked with The Student Room on various other projects but this is a specific project for Magento enhancements for TSR’s sister site called

Marked By Students allows students to view marked essay examples, what goes into a great essays and gives you ideas to write your own. Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know.

Calibre will be making improvements to the existing Magento store and will be working on ensuring that the profitability is continuously increasing.

Calibre will be making a number of changes that should make the site easier to user for the end user and this should, in term, increase conversions and sales.

Jason Parker has commented

TSR was one my of my first clients when I setup as a website development company – and I’m really glad that Calibre have been awarded the contract. I’m excited to work along the excellent TSR team once againJason Parker

Check the website out here:

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