Your Free Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Checklist


The first thing the visitor should see and understand exactly what you do.

Do not complicate this. It should be no more than 4-5 words maximum and enough to grab the attention of your visitors, for example, I use “Award Winning SEO Agency”. It’s a grabbing title and tells you exactly what we do.


The second statement should describe what you do and how you will help.

I use the example: “We are an award winning SEO Agency that focuses on maximum ROI”. Again, nice and simple, to the point. The visitor knows exactly what you do, you’ve now got their attention.


Now the important bit, who are you and how can you back up what you’ve just said? 

This is the time to dust of the certificates and prove to people that you can do what you say. We do this by using multiple services, Bark, Clutch and we are also moving to Trust Pilot.

Bark SEO Award

Ensure you include key points such as Awards, Business start date, number of employees and clients testimonials.

Enquiry forms

Forms should always be at the top of the page – one of the first things that the visitors see. Make sure there aren’t more than 4 fields. People do not like giving out phone numbers these days, so make that optional. Name, Email, Phone, Message.

If you have to get more information, put it on 2 steps, once they’ve filled in the first step you have the visitor’s information.

Forms on the left-hand side have around a 10% increase in enquiries compared to forms on the right – so keep that in mind. We read from left to right, so it makes a lot of sense.


Live Chat (Probably, the biggest conversion increaser)

People get this so wrong – Get a decent Live Chat system and make sure it’s manned 24/7. Yes….. 24/7 – it doesn’t have to be a UK staff member. When I introduced LiveChat, we doubled our conversion from 6% to 19.6% – it’s a no brainer.

You can get companies that provide 24/7 support without an issue and if you’re a web-based business you have no idea when people will inquire.

All you need is to collect an email/telephone and get back to them first thing if it’s out of hours, visitors don’t expect Live Chat reps to know every single thing about the business and typically have very simple questions. Do *not* annoying people with messages. send one message and that’s it!

Give it a go, it’s free for 30-days:

(please note: This is an affiliate link)


The Landing Pages

Do not trap people! The “Landing Page Cage” is when a visitor cannot go anywhere because it’s a dead-end.

This just causes people to go into fight or flight mode…. How many times have you gone to a landing page and thought….. nope, and hit the back button. Try and include a header or footer (with minimal navigation), not everyone will convert and some people want to find out more before submitting an enquiry.

Give people information for free, no one wants to fill in a form now it’s not the 90’s – if they do then great, but 99% of people use [email protected]

Here’s a good example with an 8% conversion rate:

The highest conversion rate I’ve achieved on eCommerce is 8% (3% is average) and personally 11%.


A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a pain in the backside BUT it does produce results. I once changed a button and it increased conversions by 5% – from Today to NOW.

This should be an on-going process – Google’s A/B testing tool is decent, but it lacks a lot of features compared to Instapage & Optimizely. which are two very good options.


Tip: Use Twillo and Zapier

Zapier is probably one of the best systems on the market, integrated with Twillo you can log calls as conversions and it integrates with everything. And I mean everything. Twillo will require some technical knowledge.





I hope these suggestions have helped!      

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