Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 – How to capture your target audience and re-market effectively


Facebook is a social media platform that quite a lot of companies struggle to advertise on. If you’ve not read my previous article, please do so before reading this one.

Firstly, I would say it’s probably the best most difficult platform to advertise on – the reason being is that you’re not trying to be sold to like PPC. This means you cannot approach people with services unless you know they are interested.

People never want the sales pitch straight away – what your after is visitors on the site to start off with, this get’s you a Cookie – and not an edible on!.

Cookies will link that person visiting to your site and stay in Facebook’s database. Once that’s done, then you’ve got them. So the question is, how do you real people in? Well that’s an easy one – write content that people want to read.

Stop the paywalls and stop the White Papers – they drive people mad. Give people information for free without asking for an email. Every five seconds.

It’s annoying as hell and people will not come back to your site. Not only that, but Google actively penalises sites that do this.  This is the full Facebook Ads Tutorial updated for 2019.


An Example of a Facebook Ad

Obviously, what has worked for me will not work for everyone, so keep that in mind. Campaigns, the same campaigns, re-run and sometimes they don’t even work for me. Facebook is all about low budget A/B testing. And it’s painful.

One word: Videos. Videos always win over images, on every single campaign I have run. Use bright colours and make your point quickly.

As you can see here I’ve made a very quick statement, if people understand backlinks they will ignore this article, if they don’t they will want to read the article. There’s no sales pitch.


Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019


I’ve found that targeting business owners that are actively engaged in reading articles have the best engagement and come back time and time again.

People who want to read real articles about how to improve the marketing on the site without the sales crap come back. Give people free content without restrictions.

The way that I have implemented it on Calibre is promote content. articles that are useful to people (like this one) – and not click-bait. No white-papers, Landing Pages or Email pop-ups – people are getting wise to this.

You’ll notice on the Calibre site all of the information is free, we never ask for an email address or “wall” any content. A really good example of a “wall” is Neil Patel’s blog, he’s great at what he does – not doubt about that, but within 2 seconds – you have a massive “wall” that asks you if you want to audit your site. That really puts me off.

My ethos is simple: If your good at what you do – people realise this through the content you distribute and they want to work with you, it’s a way of verifying that people are legitimate and they understand what they are talking about.

With Influence Monster, my influencer marketing tool – I have completely removed the walls. Pretty much every other outreach service makes you sign-up before you get a glimpse. Why? Because they are annoying as hell.


Free Content

Giving content away for free proves that you know what you are talking about and gives people an understanding of how much of an “expert” you are in the field. People click on articles that will help them, not ads.

If you want to setup your first campaign, I would highly advise reading my first article on using Google Analytics as s starting point.

The most important thing is that you get people on your site, once people are on your site – they are captured by Twitter Re-Marketing, Google Re-Marketing, Facebook Re-Marketing and so-forth, obviously make the audience relevant but don’t go mad (this will push up the cost per click).

You want people on your site. The most important thing about putting articles out is not focusing 100% on your target audience, the reason? Cost.

If you start targeting really specific people and groups, you’ll be paying £2-£3+ a click and the idea is to get your brand exposed for as little money as possible.

To give you an idea, the normal CTR for social is 0.91%, this campaign – although not CTR had a 8.82% result rate with a cost of £0.08p per result. This means getting your brand seen. Videos always work better than images in my opinion.



Once. Someone has been on your site, they have read your article (or articles) and now they have an active interest in your company. Now it’s time to start pushing the “selling part”. Generally, I combine this with an article with

a sales pitch. i.e. Read More About Backlinks. We can help with a fully managed service at £x p/m.

When re-marketing always take your conversion data from Google Analytics – that will give you 90% of your target audience.


Important points:

Get people that have purchased (Engaged)

Focus on Decision Makers only (MD’s etc) make sure it’s their job title not an interest, there’s a big difference

Use the Phone Features – You want people with an up-to-date phone

Display Networks – Always had poor performance from display networks. Do not bother.

Remove the normal suspects from all campaigns i.e. China etc.

Use Google Analytics Data!

Use UTM Tags

Facebook v Instagram

I have to say Desktop Facebook works much better for Calibre. I’ve actually had very little campaigns that have run really successfully with Instagram Ads and this is due to Instagram having very limited dat.

It relies on the link between Facebook and connected accounts. I tend to find the leads from Instagram are low value. That said, if you’re a clothes brand, it’s worth trying.

There are a lot of bots on Instagram (I mean a lot) and I find that that eats away at your budget. I also find the data sometimes to inaccurate i.e. target 18+ from X area. If you’re a newbie to social ads, stay clear of Instagram and the display / audience network.


A/B Testing 

Facebook is probably the most difficult platform as it requires a lot of thinking, effort, landing pages, content, etc – you have to stand out from everyone else. You have to A/B test to the extreme to see what works and what doesn’t. Make sure each campaign is no. more than £5-10

Whatever you do, do not setup an impression campaign, make sure it’s website clicks. Facebook default to impressions to make more money. I made this mistake once and it was costly!

Video – 8.82%

Image  – 6.32%

Facebook Ad Results 2019


I hope this has helped – If your want to discuss a Facebook Ads Campaign, let me know!

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