Google call-only adverts have proven popular with business owners and PPC professionals in recent years.

As the name suggests, call-only adverts display only in searches conducted on devices that are capable of making phone calls; the goal of the adverts is to encourage users to immediately call a business by merely clicking on the ad.

Due to their unique nature, call-only ads have always been small; the goal, after all, is to encourage a user to click to make a phone call rather than to peruse an ad in depth. As a result, the character limits have always been relatively restrictive; just 25 characters were allowed in the prominent headline, and 80 characters in the description.

While call-only ads have been successful at these sizes, some marketers felt that these size limitations were a little restrictive.

However, Google have recently announced a roll-out that solves the small size of call-only ads once and for all. Marketers will now be able to create two 30-character headlines, while descriptions are expanding by ten characters.

As well as the size limit changes, call-only ads will undergo a slight rearrangement: the business name will now move to the description line. Google Ads state that this change has been made in order to allow users to create more effective call-to-action headlines.

While the extension of the character allowances has been well-received, the change to the placement of the business name has seen a more subdued reaction. As a result, those who use call-only adverts are recommended to thoroughly test the impact these changes may cause, and – if necessary – make adjustments where necessary.

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