It’s the easiest thing in the world to throw more and more money at your online advertising – and that hurts! But it’s often more costly for your business *not* to spend money on PPC. A PPC can ensure that your not throwing money at the wrong keywords.

There are plenty of ways that you can tighten up your ad spend around what actually works for your business. Working in tandem with rock-solid SEO, a best practice approach to pay-per-click advertising could really create a jump in your website traffic.

Below are just a few tips from us on how to increase your PPC campaign’s efficiency, to get an ad budget working harder for you, and to increase your site’s potential for conversions.


Keep it simple!

Many of your customers aren’t well-versed in your industry or its terms – that’s why they’re coming to you! Word some of your ads from a newbie point of view, and split test this simpler approach with varied text styles.

What kind of ads would you click on? What benefit would need to be made clear? The best PPC ads predict their customers’ needs from the start. If you don’t know what you’re doing get a PPC Agency to do it – don’t try and be a jack of all trades.


Focus on your Quality Score

PPC advertising isn’t just about who can spend the most. A lot of ads’ cost-effectiveness comes down to your Google Quality Score. This directly affects how often your ads appear and where they’re positioned – if you’re a PPC Agency you understand which keywords work and which ones don’t.

Boosting your AdRank and Quality Score can have exponential effects on your PPC cost-efficiency… meaning you could actually spend less for a higher-positioned ad than your competitors. To increase your Quality Score, look at your ads’ click-through rate, your landing page best practice, your bounce rate and your ads’ search relevance.


Refine the basics over time

Sharpening your account parameters can make all the difference to your ads’ cost-efficiency. Watching your analytics over several weeks will tell you which specific times to schedule your ads to appear for the best returns, which negative keywords work best as boundaries for your sales funnel, and which targeted ad copy works better for separated mobile or desktop campaigns.

Bidding basics are so often overlooked – like geographic locations, which networks you want your ads to appear on, and finding the perfect balance between your broad and exact keyword match types, for the best returns on your ad spend over time. Don’t spend a penny on useless bids with zero relevance!


Don’t forget those analytics

Analytics also tell you how visitors are interacting with your website via your ads. You’ll want to tighten your strategy regularly, bidding for visitors who actually complete desired actions on your site – without bidding for visitors who’ll click through, browse and then leave.

Well, we hope these pointers helped you to think more in-depth about the mileage you’re getting from your online ad budget!


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