Surely SEO is a simple job, involving Google Analytics or simply copy and pasting hyperlinks willy-nilly.  You thought wrong. SEO is one of the least transparent aspects of great marketing, so the first step is to Hire an SEO Expert.

But what do SEO Experts or SEM Experts do? Keep reading for a list of what these experts should do to ensure you get the best deal.


1) Sit down with you and your company

Any SEO Agency will sit down with you to understand your goals for your online presence.

Do you want great rankings quickly? Or to build solid and long-lasting links with well-respected online publications? Where do you feel your brand strengths lie? What are your USPs? They should want to know all these things and more to tailor their approach to you.


2) Strategic linking

After sitting down with you, they will build a strategy for you – their clients. Like any marketing strategy, this will come from identifying a problem that only your organisation can solve, or niche expertise that only you will have and generate many articles on that subject. They might use copywriters or write them themselves.

They should also give you the opportunity to contribute your own expertise depending on the agreements you made in the point above.


3) Measuring your ranking

This is where it gets technical. Any good consultant will not stop at generating results quickly. They will maintain their hard work and provide you with consistent improvements across the board.

They might use tools like Moz, SEM rush or even Google Analytics to see how the keywords you are targeting measure up to those that your competitors are targeting and where you are ranked in relation to them.

They’ll build up an effective and accurate plan to gain the upper hand and perhaps even branch out into new keywords.


4) Seeing the big picture

If you Hire an SEO Expert they will then edit the knowledge that you or they have provided so that these links are placed in a professional and effective manner in order to improve your image.

They might, depending on the client, monitor larger publications for coverage that can also be used to build your organisation up.

Overall, the work of an Agency is very much skilled and specific and definitely an investment for the future of your organisation!

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