With SEO many people can get wrapped up in the dos and don’ts and also only pay attention to the obvious. There have also been recent changes from Google which not everyone has caught up with; here we look at how to improve SEO in 2018.


Build relationships

When trying to get a certain page ranking it can be easy to focus on what’s right in front of you, but there needs to be a longer-term vision. If you create relationships with other websites then you can keep going back to them time and time again to host links and keep your website ranking. Back-linking is a major part of how to improve your SEO.

It’s all about the long-tail

We all know the importance of keywords, but it’s also important to have the right keywords. You need to know what your customers want and what exactly they will search. A generic keyword won’t work, be more specific and include your location if you’re a local business.

Care about the customer

It’s not just about getting link clicks, and the more Google improves, the fewer websites will be able to get away with poor usability – Google has taken a mobile first approach. If your customer isn’t satisfied with your website, it’s unlikely Google will be either. Make sure you’re delivering a great experience.

Content is king in 2018

How to improve your SEO? One word. Content. Googles algorithm in 2015 changed everything; it was now a lot harder to get away with badly written content. Make sure that all your content is perfectly written and provides value to the reader, which should be your main focus. Once done, then go back and ensure your keywords are where they need to be.

Focus on your website, not Google

If you obsess too much about SEO you’ll lose sight of what is most important, the person reading your website. If you forget about them then your SEO is going to suffer as you’re not providing quality. Think about the customer first and Google will reward you for it.

SEO isn’t simple and it’s easy to get caught up in the world of keywords and focus on nothing else. Google is getting smarter by the day and your website needs to evolve into becoming high quality and content rich. If you want to improve your SEO in 2018 you have to take these points into consideration. It’s also worth checking out our top tips.

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