With the rise of digital marketing, the way we deliver and consume information has massively changed. This has also led to a huge increase in the amount of technology which is available to assist in managing the various platforms. If you’re looking for ways in which you can add value to your company’s online marketing, read on for some top tips.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation tools allow you to schedule activity ahead of time. This could be an email triggered by a form submission or after a specific amount of time, eliminating the manual process of following up with leads. Similarly, tools that schedule social media posts can be helpful. They allow you to plan posts ahead of time to keep your social channels ticking over, even when you’re tied up with other things.

Targeted advertising

Online advertising allows you to target specific audiences based on what they search for, their interests and behaviour. You can choose target keywords so that when someone uses a search engine to look for something, you will be the first thing they see.

Furthermore, you can target people on social media based on what they like, what groups they are in and even based on a look-a-like audience of one of your competitors. You can also re-target people who have visited your website, so that adverts for your product/services appear on other sites that they visit. This is massively beneficial, as it gives the impression that your brand is everywhere and keeps you at the forefront of potential customers’ minds.

If you’re not sure how to get up and running, there are plenty of marketing agencies in Brighton who can help you get started.

Brand and design

With so much noise online, it’s important to have a brand which is recognisable and streamlined, and most importantly looks good across all technologies. Marketing agencies are often useful for helping to create a strong brand and design strategy to project a professional image of your company.

With so many different devices used to view websites, it’s important that your website is easy to use and looks good on all platforms.

Search engine optimisation

Advances in technology mean that the way we search for information has completely changed. Online search engines are now most people’s first port of call when looking for answers or information. Therefore, it’s important to have your website optimised so that it appears high up the search engine results. Fresh content, unique copy and targeted keywords are key contributors to how your website will appear in search results.

You’ll know yourself how rare an occurrence it is that you’ll look past page one of search engine results before moving on to something else, so it’s worthwhile to optimise your website. Again, if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! Enlist the help of a Marketing Agency in Brighton and you’ll be ranking high before you know it.


Video is a great tool for digital marketing. It’s favoured by most online platforms, and most importantly it’s a great way to reach customers with valuable content. When was the last time you were scrolling through social media and paused to watch a video just because it started playing and caught your eye? If the answer is all the time, you’re not alone! Top tip – make sure you add subtitles any videos you create. Not only does it make them inclusive, but it means if people pause and watch, even if they don’t click, they’ll still get an idea of what you’re about.

With so much technology available today, it’s key to stay up-to-date and relevant.

Whether you’re going it alone or enlisting the help of a marketing agency, there’s no time like the present – so get started today!

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