Now I’ve had a fair amount of time to work out the new algorithm I think I have a fairly good idea what has changed, why and what we can all do about  it.


Quantity, Not Quality

Google is trying to push for quality content and not landing pages – specifically tailored for CRO (Conversion ate Optimisation) , they want people to actually read and engage with the content, and for that reason I would say that the Bounce rate, Click Through Rates & Time on page are all metrics which are being watched closely.

Better quality = More CTR’s and the longer people will stay. It makes a lot of sense – but if your aa content writer it doesn’t mean you have to write the same amount – 1 quality article could do it for a month.

Google do not want you dominating the same products on different pages anymore and is giving preference to one page with all of the information. This also a lot of sense

With the latest update they’ve been watching the keyword cannibalism – effectively using the same keyword in two places, it could be two sites or two pages or posts, this causes Google an issue when indexing because it’s not sure which page to index and rank.

Key Tip: Do not sell any type of similar products on another site (even if it’s a new IP, etc) they will find out and it will cause you problems. If you are, I would not touch it until there was an issue.


Keywords become LESS important? What?

Yup, you heard it first.

They are important – of course they are, but Google is now being smart and not taking your word for it but a number of other factors. Content is important but the main keyword, only needs to be said once in the H1 tag.

Before, if you wanted the keyword to rank it would be at least 3% – that’s changed quite a bit and what we are finding now is Google trying to combine pages.


UI/ UX & Content

If you were a customer, looking at most “news” pages would make you  u-turn at 100 miles per hour. Google have started to drum it into peoples head (first with mobile) that UX and UI is really important. And it will effect your SEO.


An example page in the “new” format:

URL does not contain full keyword and tries to  rank for multiple phrases instead of different pages.

After the H1, you will note – that keyword is not mentioned again, purposely. I would also say if you have a couple of copywriters that bang out 4-5 articles a week on top 5 “X” then they need to completely re-adjust the SEO strategy.

There is no SEO value in articles unless it will attract readers. Also, that way you get to re-market to them. Win-win. Just remember it hardly rocket science – look at #1-10 are doing and look for the similarities.


For the haters ….. Please note, this is with zero backlinks.



Take homes

  • Landing Pages / Content Pages

More focused, 3-4 keywords maximum. With your  main one in the H1, Title and Meta Description. Mention no more than this.


  • Images / Videos / UX

Google like content with better content


  • Over Optimisations is becoming a big deal

Google don’t want over optimisation that includes backlinks


  • As expected backlinks are still relevant



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