PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising.

This means that every time your link is displayed and someone clicks on it you have to pay a fee. Calibre is a PPC Agency – that can help you with pay-per-click campaign.

Individual websites offer PPC on a fixed price system. However, most strategies focus on search engines such as, Google and Bing. Search engines usually have a bidding process to determine the cost per click.

Bidding involves stating the highest amount you are willing to pay. When a search with the selected keywords is undertaken the auction automatically happens, and it displays the winner’s link. Often there are multiple winners, with the highest bidders appearing higher up the page.

A high quality PPC strategy that converts leads into clients easily generates enough sales to cover the fee and leave you with a tidy profit.

By targeting people who are actively searching for relevant terms, you ensure the people who click on your link are a captive audience.

PPC Agency London

PPC Adwords Agency

When a customer is looking to make a new purchase, more often than not the first thing they do is search online. Calibre will help you generate leads from those searches and convert them into customers for your business.

We are leading PPC Agency and in our field. All the campaigns we produce use high level analytics and optimisation techniques to make sure that your business keeps growing

We make your money work harder for you. Marketing takes up a large proportion of a company’s budget so you need to know you are getting a good return on investment.

We create highly tailored strategies that pinpoint potential customers and direct them to your business.

PPC Management

All our work is results driven. Our goal is to make your company grow and your profits soar.

We carry out in-depth analysis of all our campaigns to ensure that they are as effective as possible. Constant monitoring and updating of strategies allows us to see continued and consistent growth.

We work with all of the services below:

PPC Search


Digital Marketing


Facebook Advertising

Landing Pages & CRO

PPC Audit

Many people think they can just pluck a keyword out of the air link it to their website and the sales will start rolling in. The only thing this guarantees is money down the drain. Hiring a PPC Agency will guarantee that your keywords are well researched and highly relevant.

PPC is quite a simple concept but successfully executing an effective strategy requires continually tweaking and improvising. There are many free tools available that will help you find targeted keywords and all of them have merit.

PPC Management, gives you access to experts in the field you will be constantly staying up to date with any developments and making the corresponding adjustments to your strategy.

Any marketing strategy needs to be data-driven and use in-depth analytics. Agencies have access to all the tools and resources to provide this, ensuring that the right people are being driven to the right content.

Take your marketing to the next level by hiring us today.