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Social Media is arguably one of the most powerful marketing tools available for use today. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow you to communicate with your target audience in a range of different ways.

Having a strategy for your social media accounts will put you ahead of the game and ensure that your online presence will not be missed by your existing and potential customers.

We have extensive experience designing and implementing strategies for social media and pride ourselves on providing a different approach to our competitors. Working in a digital marketing agency means that we have an all encompassing understanding of how social media works.

If you are wondering, however, what makes Calibre the right choice for you when it comes to assistance with your social accounts then let us explain.


1 – We will listen to you

You will never need to worry about us being the kind of agency which pushes our own agenda without listening to your wants and needs. It is vital that your social media accounts reflect your brand. That means the posts should sound and look as if you put them up.

At Calibre, we will always take time to fully understand your brand, its message and its target audience. We will make sure that the brand image you created is only enhanced through an increase in social media presence. This is why it’s important to have a company that can take the time to listen to your requirements.


2 – Your target audience will be reached

What’s the point in an increase in followers online if they’re not the people that will be interested by your company? Our work takes into consideration who your target audience is, how to best grab their attention as well as when and where to reach them.

Content marketing is something we specialise in. We have a range of ways to ensure that both your existing and your potential customers are met with engaging and relevant content through your social media accounts. This will see your business receive more attraction instantaneously.


3 – Your platforms will grow organically

It is possible to pay for social media advertising and many companies use Facebook Ads in an attempt to gain traction to their pages. Our method doesn’t require you to pay for adverts. We believe the best way to get followers from the ‘right’ kind of people for your business is to do it organically, that means with original content, regular updates and meaningful interactions.


Social Media Management

When implementing a social media strategy, we will create a plan which best suits you and your company. It might be that you require us to assess your current social media approach and give you a structure to follow to see an improvement.

Alternatively, you might require us to take over your social media accounts completely which would mean scheduling and posting on behalf of you. With our different packages, we are able to find a solution which will suit your needs.


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