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 There are a lot of companies asking How to Advertise on Facebook. You need to understand the platform and audience before you even have a chance.

(part 1 of 2)


How To Advertise on Facebook …. it’s a tricky one – it’s actually really difficult to get right, you can spend a lot of money and get everything wrong, very easily. I would say out of all of the PPC platforms social is the most difficult to get right.

I’ve spent thousands trying to get the right combinations and audiences. The first thing I would say is research your target market don’t worry about the product or advert yet – half of the problem is finding the right type of people.


I’m going to try and make your experience with Facebook less painful then mine…. hopefully.


The First Step

Setup Facebook Ads account and put the Facebook Pixel on your website as soon as possible, this will help massively later on. This allows you to remarket to people which is very cost effective and you can create a “Lookalike Audience” (we will touch upon this later).

The guide to do that is here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/952192354843755



Finding Your Facebook Audience Network

Firstly … be a creep and stalk you’re existing customers on Facebook, look at their job titles, what they do, what they like, where they go. Anything and everything you can find out. Married, Single Everything you can get.

Go on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc and start putting a list together, you will start to see some software / influencer etc that comes up a lot.

Put it all into an excel document and start working out what type of person buys from you do, where they go and what they like doing.

Most of the time you want decision makers, you want people that can make decisions quickly – the issue with this is this is typically smaller businesses will be Director etc and bigger businesses will have Marketing Managers – so you need to keep this in mind.

You have to remember that Facebook is not a place to sell anything (there’s a few exceptions), if your a service based business you have to be creative.

White Paper don’t cut the mustard anymore, people want something more, you are using their social time to sell them something related to business relatedIt was to be worth their time.



Facebook Custom Audiences

I want to pick any business owner which has a business in the UK and wants to build or maintain a mobile application. So that’s a fairly wide audience.

I’ve got an idea of who I want to target but how can I find out really what the demographics are?Guess?

If you’ve already got a product or service (I am assuming) that you have Google Analytics. If you don’t obviously you should hold your head in shame.

People completely miss the data and it’s completely insane – you have a massive pool of data which includes everything, Country, City, Operating System, Mobile / Tablet / Browser, What Type of Browser, Gender. It’s all there, you have you target audience already – you just need to segment it.

Your sitting on literally a goldmine …. literally … just a gold mine with ones and zeros instead of gold (tech joke – not funny I know).

Look at converting customers, if you have a specific product or service then you can easily segment the data.

Do not even think about starting Facebook ads until you’ve analysed your conversion data.


Segmenting Data: Google Analytics          

Firstly, login to GA (Google Analytics), then, when in GA, go to

Acquisition -> Overview and then click Organic Search


Once you’re in the Organic Search section, now select “Landing Page” where it says “Primary Dimension:”. Once in this section find the landing page you wish to evaluate for example



Now you want to ensure you only look at convertors – they are the people that buy your products. You can do this at the top of the page by changing “All Users” to “Convertors”.

Now I have the convertors I want to look at the “Secondary Dimension”.

I can choose from: User -> Age, Browser, City, OS type, Browser Type. Use as many of these as you can, but be sure to look at the numbers. Google can’t always get the data.

Organise the rows by your Goal Completion – you want to see the customers that buy things from you.

As you can see in my example, my main OS is Windows (49 Conversions), Android (22) and iOS. Mac OS and Linux are low convertors so I won’t exclusively target them.

If I click on Age, I can see all of my convertors were 25-34


Now Browser, Chrome and Safari are by far better convertors then any other browser, that’s who I’m going to target (they make up 80%+).


So far, I have:

Ages:              25-45

Using             Windows OS, Android OS or iOS

Using:            Chrome & Safari

Gender:         Male

Using:            Desktop or Mobile

Location:       London, United Kingdom

Now I’ve built up a pretty good picture of my convertors. In some sections there’s just not enough data – for example in “device model” there is not enough information to make a clear judgment so I’m not going to use that data. Only take stats that are completely clear.

For example Chrome & Safari are around 80% of my convertors, it makes sense to target them and focus my budget on those browsers.


Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook, unfortunately, doesn’t include all of the information that you can target on an Ad, so we have to take some educated guesses.

In Facebook, go to “Manage Ads” (you will need to setup an account if you have not already)

Once logged in, go to the top and to “Audience Insights”, here you are able to further information on your customer. You can find there age rang, what they like and a number of other useful stats.

I would however take it with a pinch of salt and use common sense- if someone likes Budweiser and your selling t-shirts, it’s not really relevant.

Facebook’s job is to widen your audience so you spend more-  just remember that

I typically my adverts in 9 sections

  1. Gender & Age Range
  2. Job Titles What job titles I want to targets
  3. Interests What they like or are involved in on Facebook
  4. Influencers People in their specific area of niche
  5. Software For example: App Annie or MixPanel
  6. Magazines Thise is useful because it means you know they are actively interested
  7. Business Type Startup’s, B2B, B2C? Wholesale?
  8. Devices & OS: Chrome, Safari? Tablets?
  9. Exclusions People I do not want to see the advert


An Example Custom Audience

My customer audience will look something like this


Tablets, Linux (OS), Opera (Browser), 1G, 2G or 3G Connections (I assume people are on-the-go, generally people walking around going to lunch etc are not looking for services (this is my opinion)

It must match ONE of the following in each section before moving onto the next

Gender:                 Male
Location:              London, United Kingdo
Interests:             App Development OR Apps OR StartUp Magazine
Job Title:              Business Owner OR Director, Managing Director etc (Could be Marketing)
Influencers:        Gary Vaynerchuk OR Tony Robinson OR Neil Patel (People that get shit done)
Software:              Mixpanel OR App Annie (Specific app software)
Magazines:           Apps Magazine OR App Developer Magazine OR App World (Actively engaged)
Devices:                 Windows OS OR iOS OR Safari (Browser) OR Chrome (Browser),

So in theory … I would get someone who is  to be a Male, 25-44 , Business Owner that likes Gary Vaynerchuk, App Annie and I’m on a iOS device.

Obviously you need to expand the sections massively this is a very simple example.

In part 2 we will go into Audience Insights & Creating The Adverts, but as a quick note:

Videos work best

Small budgets on everything (£10) per Advert

Remove adverts that do not work straight away

Adverts that work expand upon

When testing it is better to have a big demographic to get quick results, for example UK & USA. Otherwise you could be waiting weeks.

Use your dam UTM Tags!


The holy-grail of marketing is Facebook, if you can get it to work – your quids in!

I really hope this has been useful – it took me a billion hours to write and it would be great to hear your comments below if you have any.

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